It’s been almost 7 years since you left and it feels just like yesterday,
I know for sure that you didn’t want to leave, you fought to stay here,
but you had to leave to a better place and I’m really proud of you,
I know you’re good now, no more hospitals, no more pain, no more sorrow.

I still sometimes wake up and go to your room to check if you’re okay, but you’re not there anymore and you’ll never be again.
I wonder how you’d look now, would you hair be a little bit grayer?
Would you be there holding my mom’s hand when I get back from school?
Would be traveling as much you did? Because you loved it.

My mom says I’m just as stubborn as you, my sleeping schedule is pretty messed up as well as yours used to be, it’s pretty amazing to see how much in common we have. “Like father like daugther” they said, I’ve accomplished many of my goals at a very young age, maybe not as much as I’d want to but it’s something, I know you’d be beyond proud of me.

Things haven’t changed much in here since you left, I graduated from high school and now i’m almost finished with my degree as well. Time flies,huh?!
I wonder what you’d tell me about the career choices I’ve made? I wanna know and try almost everything, that’s something you’d feel related to because mom says you were like that.
I would like to make some money some day and travel, take mom with me and just see the world, visit all the places you went to and feel as happy as you did at that precise moment.

There is no day where I don’t miss you, I wish I could tell so many things and ask you stuff that only you could tell me about.
I see you in every grain of coffe, you loved it so badly with your heart. I hope to continue your legacy someday and make you feel even more proud than you probably already are of us.
You’re gone but somehow you still here, I can feel your love everywhere I go it’s like you’re always there watching out for me.

I loved you, I love you and I will always love Dad.


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