TooFaced “Selfie Powders” Make You Look Just Like An Instagram Filter


En especial para las amantes de instagram, los #TFNOFILTER SELFIE POWDERS de Too Faced promete hacerles ver más como “un filtro de la vida real”


TooFaced cosmetics released their new #TFNOFILTER Selfie powders. These powders are supposed to diffuse your face in different ways, JUST like a real life Instagram filter. There are three powders to chose from: Sunrise, Totally Toasted and Moon River. You can use one shade as a finishing powder or all three for a “customized selfie-perfect finish”.


These finishing powders mimic the effects of your favorite photo filters to leave you looking filter flawlwess IRL! Filter your world through these light-fragmenting finishing powders” — via TooFaced Instagram.

web_selfiepowder_composite_2all images via TooFaced

this is insane, make up has came a very looooong way.

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